honey, milk and eggs (2021)

is a photographic body of work that investigates the body as a soft, fluid and informative frame. In When Species Meet (2008) feminist scholar Donna Haraway asks what she touches, when she touches a dog, reminding that the human body consists of only 10% of human genomes and the rest is bacteria, fungi and protists. Similarly, Nivalainen asks what she touches, when she touches an egg? What separates them? Can they merge?

Honey, Milk and Eggs explores material and queer aspects of image-making on the plate of a scanner. An image becomes a fantasy: a place where anything is possible and even a body can take new forms. This work is aiming to take an empathetic approach suggesting a reciprocal relationship between the spectator and their subject. It aims to get close and in touch, as well as reflects on what it means to exist as a human, an animal and and an organic being.